E-Fleet Manager Challenges

Solar and wind electricity and electric mobility are growing exponentially. As for any market, production and demand determine the electricity price. Wind and solar electricity is only produced and cheapest when there is wind and sun. To maintain a stable grid, grid operators pay actors that cut their demand or provide electricity when there is not enough. Electric vehicles are essentially batteries on wheels. Vehicles should ideally be charged when prices are low and could even be discharged to earn extra money. But vehicles are used for other purposes and are not always plugged in. Thus: The transition towards electric fleets opens up new opportunities with smart charging but there are challenges.

High Costs

High electricity & mobility costs if electricity production & demand not aligned via smart charging.


Companies risk not being ready for the energy transitions' needs without smart charging.

Battery lifetime

Battery lifetime is shorter without smart charging.

Our Mission: A Worldwide Circular Mobility and Energy

We accelerate the energy and mobility transition and contribute to a circular economy being resource efficient. We use EVs of any type instead of new batteries to stabilize the energy grid, charging and discharging according to renewable energy generation, energy demand and mobility patterns. This enables a high penetration of renewable energies and cheaper electric mobility while mining less materials for batteries.


Starting with light duty trucks.

Electric Cars

Cars of all size.


Any e-bus.


An experienced, complementary and passionate team is behind RiDERgy. If you want to be part of the ride connect!

As part of the early team you are here for a multi-year journey to transform both the mobility and energy sectors. You are: • Enthusiastic. • Empathetic and team player. • Curious. • Passionate about energy and mobility sustainability. • Driven, Result oriented, proactive and persistent. • Transparent & trustworthy. We are particularly interested now in people with skills around ML, programming, electric vehicle charging.

Early team member

Claudio passionately engages with the energy transition since he is 14 years old. He believes that the exponential growth of electric mobility, renewable energies and AI open the space for synergies at a worldwide scale. This will enable us to be more resource efficient and better protect the environment. He thinks entrepreneurship is the best way to tackle challenges fast and is inspired by all the entrepreneurs achieving a huge impact.

Claudio Geyken
CEO and Founder

Lower electricity bills: Fast and Easy!

E-fleet managing companies save electricity costs with our plug and play software. This is achieved by a data-driven approach predicting & steering charging when electricity prices at the power exchange are low and providing grid services. While guaranteeing recharged batteries and the best mobility service as fleets need it. We do this with over the air communication with the vehicle or via the charging station backend. Expect an easy and fast implementation. Achieve the best savings with us. Be ready for the energy transition.

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